Long overdue update

Wow, so four years later. I suppose I should update on my life and what not although I'm not sure who is all still on here.
Last time, I was on my way to spend a few months in Taiwan. Sadly,it didn't end well. I was put in a city with roughly no one that I knew that could speak English, so I ended up going home after a week. That was a pretty rough time because I obviously felt like a failure. Within the months following my return, I was diagnosed with depression and was a bit suicidal. I say a bit because I just felt the need, but didn't actually harm myself at all.
Anyway, two years later, I finish my degree, and I headed to Hong Kong ready to teach English. I'm still here two years later, and I'm pretty happy with my life. I get to go to KPOP concerts all the time as in like twice a year lol. I have close friends. I have a good job. I travel a lot.
I don't really know the point to all this really, but yep. 
Shirtless Haruma

I'm Alive and Christmas/Winter Cards Post

I'm Alive! Yes, I am :) School is hell, but it's almost over. And that means I am months closer to finalizing my trip to Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan! I know! I'm so excited! Basically, I'm going to Taiwan for an exchange program. During my break, I'm flying to Thailand for a while to visit my friend, who I went to China with, since she's teaching there. Then at the end of my trip, I'm going to stay and extra week in Japan visiting my friend, who's doing her own exchange program. So if you have any suggestions for places to visit, let me know!! All my classes at my regular school is all going to work out. I will just be finishing my classes in Taiwan while I'm a teacher's assistant and get experience hours and get paid! I'm so excited! XD

Christmas/Winter Cards!!

Yes, I'm actually going to do cards this year! I'm buying new ones and everything! I'm on the ball lately. So leave your name and address, and I'll do my best to be super creative! 
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By the way, my mom is already putting up Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, and I love it! Hahaha!

Hiro Mizushima

Bunch of disappointment

So depressing news. I'm not going to Taiwan :( Sadly, I want to graduate on time! I have my schedules all planned out for the next three semesters (spring, fall, spring) Student teaching is the last spring. It's really depressing I can't, but I can always travel there when I move to Korea after graduation. A great thin
g though, I'll be going to volunteer at an orphanage in Beijing this summer hopefully. the group of girls I went to China with last Summer all want to go as well, so our teacher is looking into it for us. Hopefully this will work out for me!
I hope I can go somewhere for spring break too! Gah! I need to flail over cute boys now!!

Also AVPM3!



My friend and I finally learned the whole dance to Gee by SNSD. Tbqh, I'm pretty terrible at it, and she wants to put it on youtube, but it would be to let everyone laugh at it! Haha. We're doing F(x)'s Pinochio next week :D


I need help!

 I'm trying to think of ideas for Spring Break. It's my one time of the year to get out of my hometown where I go to school and work and such. Although I might be going to Taiwan in the fall, I still want to make a big trip. I'm thinking Hawaii, or Lisbon, or Thailand, but who knows! Any ideas??


Jin!!! <3

So I'm totally in love with the drama Jin! I've finally started to watch it and loves it!! I'm on Jin 2 now. :P Hope everyone's summers are going great!!!


Shirtless Haruma

A Fun little meme

I stole this from sainterre . I did three versions because I have two gif folders and an arashi gif folder!
The Rules: The 2nd to last gif in your folder is who you will marry. The gif that is your age will be your reaction to his/her proposal. And your 25th gif is how you greet them the morning after you've married.
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Hiro Mizushima

Bunch of quizzes that actually make me want to post

Hola. I haven't posted since HoMin had their comeback. Basically, because life has been a huge meh. The only thing that was really worthy of being written was that I went to San Diego/Coronado for Spring Break. My dad was a total tool and would seriously text like every half hour even when I was on the ocean whale watching. Totally saw three whales! :D Disneyland and California Adventure were amazing. In California Adventure we went on this ferris wheel where the carts move and we were with these Russian people. The little boy was freaking out and swearing all with a Russian accent, and it was hilarious!! My brother also got pooped on by a bird in the aviary in the San Diego Zoo. Collapse )